This site is ficticious

Just in case you haven't worked it out, this entire site, company and content is ficticious.  This site was created as a showcase of HelpMaster helpdesk software.  When you install HelpMaster, the sample database contains ficticious data from "WizBang Widgets" that describe their support and helpdesk operations.  This data is desinged to assist evaluators of HelpMaster help desk software to understand the product features and capabilities using an example company.  If you're in the market for affordable helpdesk software, check out www.helpmasterpro.com.

What we do

Founded in 2003, Wizbang Widgets is a world-leader in creating, marketing, selling and supporting widgets of all sorts.

Our support operations

Wizbang Widgets invests heavily in creating and developing a first-class support structure for all of our business operations, product sales and client relationship management.  To this end, Wizbang Widgets adopts a continual improvement process for all of our support initiatives and align business processes with the ITIL v3 framework.  This includes incident management, problem management and change management.

All of our support operations are modelled around "knowledge centered support" best practices.

We use HelpMaster as our service management software of choice.